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    Plumbing Damage from the Storms

    Plumbing Damage from the Storms

    The recent storms in Britain have left an almost apocalyptic picture in some areas and had people desperately searching for their local plumber. Bristol has been subjected to some harsh winds and relentless downpours due to its position on the west coast which is causing some serious plumbing problems in people’s homes. Here are some things to look out for.

    Burst Pipes

    The extreme rainfall is increasing the pressure on your pipes, which could lead to collapsed or burst pipes and very costly damage from flooding in your home. If you spot any leaks it is very important that you call out a plumber straight away to get this fixed before it can lead to a burst pipe. This could save you a big bill by sorting the problem at this stage. If you do have a burst pipe, follow the guidance here, and call a recommended plumber in Bristol.

    Flooded Septic Tank

    Septic tank problems are very common with the crazy weather we’ve been having. The water logged soil can stop your septic tank draining properly and can cause water to back up into your house through the toilets and sinks. If you notice that your water isn’t draining, the first step you should take is to reduce your water usage. Avoid flushing the toilet excessively and doing laundry until the water starts to drain again.

    If the drainage problem is due to the rain and water logged soil, then the only thing you can do is wait for the soil to drain naturally and allow the septic tank to return to normal. However the problem could be that your septic tank needs draining or you could have burst pipe. The only way to check this is to take a look inside the septic tank and see if it is mostly full with water. If it is at least half full with solids, pumping the tank may ease the problem. If you call a plumber they should be able to advise you and can use cameras to make a thorough inspection.

    Recommended Plumbers Bristol

    All plumbing issues should be dealt with by a well recommended plumber and you should only attempt DIY if you are experienced or have an experienced friend to help out. Small problems can quickly escalate into flooded homes if not dealt with professionally, so it is worth being cautious to prevent any major disasters in the future.

    Find Me a Tradesperson has vetted all the plumbers listed on our website and you can read reviews by their customers, so you know your plumber will be reliable. Click the link for a list of recommended plumbers.

    Friday, 28 Feb 2014

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