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  • Damp prevention

    Combatting Damp Within The Home

    As we are currently facing one of the wettest periods for some years, especially in the west, it is quite likely that a few homes could see some damp forming over the remaining winter months. Damp is an unwelcome guest and can cause multiple complications including structural problems and issues with smell and respiratory health, but by taking a few steps to negate it you can remove it from your lists of concerns.

    What Causes Damp?

    There are a number of causes of damp, but perhaps the most likely one at this time of the year is condensation. During the winter months, when we all have the heating on and the windows closed, the warm air created can meet with the cold surfaces of the walls and cause water droplets to form. Once this builds up over time, you can have a considerable damp problem to deal with before you even realise.

    Other causes include leaks from burst pipes and rising damp coming up from the ground below and into the floor of your property.

    But what are the best ways to prevent and act against this unwanted tenant?

    Spotting The Signs –

    In order to react quickly to any possible damp problems, it is important to be able to spot the signs before things start to deteriorate even further. The key is to look for the early warning signs, which can differ depending on what sort of damp is evident. Keep an eye out for stained skirting boards, wallpaper than is starting to peel back and patches of water on the floor or walls, as well as water droplets on the inside of the windows which show obvious condensation.

    Ensure The Damp Proof Course Is Intact –

    A damp proof course is something that is built into the property’s walls and floors to act against rising damp. However, if you have recently had building work done to the outside of your home, this could have become damaged and therefore will no longer be protecting your home against water rising up through the ground. If you have had alterations made to your garden or the pathways around your home then this could be the most likely cause of the damp. In this case you should seek help from a professional contractor who can repair the course.


    Photo by Bryn Pinzgauer CC BY

    Stop Damp From Penetrating –

    The best way to stop penetrating damp from invading your home is to react quickly to anything that may cause it. This includes any pipes that may have burst, leaks that may have occurred in hard to reach areas, guttering that may have become blocked, and even drip grooves on the underside of external windowsills that are obstructed in some way. If you can see any evidence of damp of this kind then these are the first places to check.

    Counteracting Condensation –

    Condensation can be a serious issue for some properties and so it is best to prevent it where possible. The best ways to do this include; leaving the windows open (but locked in the security position) for a few hours a day, keeping the property heated evenly and not sporadically, and using a dehumidifier to remove any moisture from the air. If there is a substantial condensation issue within the property, you may need more extensive work to be carried out which will aim to improve ventilation throughout the building.

    If you are experiencing problems with damp at home or you think there may be early signs of trouble, then you can find a variety of trusted tradespeople in the damp protection area of our site. Alternatively, you can give us a call 0117 908 1198.

    Monday, 27 Jan 2014

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