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    Protecting your Home against Damage this Winter

    The British winter can lead to some extreme weather conditions, and with the recent storms that hit the UK causing damage to properties and vehicles, many of us are worried about future possibilities of damage to our homes and businesses. With December being a joyous, celebratory month for many, weather damage to homes could ruin the festive season, so it is important that every homeowner makes an effort to protect their assets from the harsh winter weather.

    Be Prepared

    With the potential of extreme weather it can be impossible to prevent the possibility damage to your property, but there are ways in which you can prepare for such an incident. With January and February being predicted to be incredibly cold, you may want to think ahead and have your heating systems checked for faults and windows for air leaks to make sure that your home stays warm this winter.

    By locating problems before the extremely cold temperatures, you can protect yourself and your belongings from feeling the chill due to boiler breakdowns and poor insulation and, by making these checks rather than waiting for faults you can reduce costs and even lower your energy bills.

    Have an Alternative 

    High winds can cause serious damage to a property and with 2013 having seen many homes across the country become left without power, exposed to the elements due to damaged roofs and fallen trees, you may find that should this happen to your own property your home might become temporarily unsuitable to live in.

    In bad weather, it may take some time for a professional to begin repairs to any damage to your property due to safety issues, meaning that you may have to stay elsewhere whilst waiting for your home to become re-inhabitable. Asking family and friends in advance if you would be able to stay should an extreme incident occur will guarantee that you have somewhere safe and warm to stay during maintenance on your home.

    Always Use Professionals

    When things go wrong around the house, it is always tempting to try and fix it yourself, especially during times where money is tight and already being allocated towards winter bills and Christmas expenses, but it is essential that you use a professional when trying to fix issues caused by the winter weather.

    Attempting to fix damage, or prepare your home for the winter yourself could cause further damage to your property and take much longer than necessary. By using a trained professional tradesperson to help, you can rest assured that any damage can be fixed in the quickest and safest way possible.

    Should your home be damaged by the weather during the winter months, here at Find Me A Tradesperson, we have plenty of expert professionals who can help fix any damage to your home or business. Our network of recommended tradesmen in Bristol have plenty of expertise on how to fix weather damaged homes and protect properties from the harsh winter months.

    Friday, 06 Dec 2013

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