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  • Trusted tradesperson

    4 Tips To Avoid Getting Caught Out By Rogue Traders

    For anyone who is not a qualified expert, it can be very difficult to evaluate any work that needs to be done within your own home. No matter how much we hope that it never happens, the time will come in all of our lives when we need a plumber, builder, carpenter or any other type of tradesperson.

    This general feeling of being unnerved can be exacerbated by the fact that often the need has been brought about through an emergency, and so you don’t really have much time to waste. And this can sometimes cause us to take shortcuts which eventually lead to shortcomings.

    The truth is that rogue traders do exist and they are out to take advantage of our naivety in an alien situation, but there are plenty of ways you can avoid getting caught out by them.

    Get Recommendations –

    Although not all tradespeople can be trusted, there are sure to be quite a few people in your life that you trust completely. This, therefore, is a great place to start when searching for someone to carry out work at your home or business premises. Ask your friends and family to see if they can recommend anyone who did a great job for them.

    The chances are that they are likely to be pretty consistent in the work that they do. This will then eliminate the fear of the unknown that you get with someone you know nothing about.

    Check Their Credentials –

    Legitimate tradespeople will have had to pass many health and safety exams and gain various other qualifications on their way to becoming a registered trader. Therefore, before you hire anyone to carry out work, it is best to check that they can prove the claims they make about their eligibility.

    Ask for tangible proof of the qualifications that they hold and to see evidence of similar work that they have carried out in the past. It’s also important that you ask them to confirm who they are when they arrive at your door to carry out the work.

    Look Out For The Tell-Tale Signs –

    There are a few occurrences that should automatically set alarm bells ringing in your head that you may be dealing with a rogue trader. These include somebody showing up on your doorstep out of the blue, a tradesperson who will only accept cash and someone who is excessively vague about how long the job will take. You should also be naturally wary of any quote that sounds far too good to be true.

    Hire From Our List Of Trusted Partners –

    This is, unsurprisingly, the biggest piece of advice on avoiding rogue traders we can give you here at Find Me A Tradesperson. Our list of trusted tradespeople is compiled conscientiously and with you in mind every step of the way. You will be able to find appropriate people for many different jobs and can relax in the knowledge that you won’t be regretting your decision at a later date. The best thing is that we have done the first three steps for you, so all you need to do is choose the perfect person for the job and sit back whilst the work is completed.

    If you would like any more information about the process through which we vet our tradespeople, or you would like to discuss another issue, please call us on 0117 908 1198 or get in touch via our contact page.

    Thursday, 28 Nov 2013

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