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  • DIY Disasters over the Bank Holiday – Watch Out!

    Read an interesting article this week about people attempting to undertake DIY jobs over the Easter and Bank Holiday weekend.  Whilst B&Q are heaving with families looking for inspiration, how much of their time will be wasted being frustrated that their best played plans have gone to pot. I’m sure insurance companies are bracing themselves for claims of their home insurance when they return to work next week and accidents after all do happen. Perhaps unsurprisingly, of those DIY projects undertaken 13% will go wrong in some way, resulting in us Brits having to cough up £169 million collectively to sort out the problems.

    Advice should be to anyone attempting home improvements this weekend is to be realistic about whether they have the skills and the time to undertake such a task, to make sure that they have insurance that covers them if things don’t go to plan and to seek help from a tradesman where necessary. Always seek a professional when dealing with any gas or electrical issues or you could be in a lot of trouble if things go wrong. I do remember once when I was a child my best friend’s father was using a blow torch and he accidently set their home on fire. Obviously that’s the extreme but never less it caused so much upheaval for the family that I’m surprised her parents didn’t divorce over it!

    So where does it go wrong then – most common home improvement/DIY issues in the past 12 months

    • Underestimated the time/cost of the project – 25%
    • Damaged/marked walls – 15%
    • Damaged ceiling – 9%
    • Damaged/marked flooring/carpet – 8%
    • Damaged/marked furniture – 7%
    • Burst pipe – 6%
    • Damaged property exterior – 4%
    • Damaged loft – 3%
    • Damaged electrics – 2%

    So if you are brave enough to be attempting any DIY this Bank Holiday good luck and don’t forget if you need help just give Find Me A Tradesperson a shout – lots of trades are working over the Easter break so pick up the phone.

    Me, I will try and take it easy over the Easter break – my days of donning a paintbrush have long gone and if the weather improves I might just venture out into the garden.

    Have a great Easter everyone.



    Friday, 06 Apr 2012

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